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Control devices for cigarette or cigar packaging machines []. Chapter V. Instruments impounded how dealt with.

Sewing or stitching []. The discovery commissioner must file the report with the court and serve a copy of it on each party.

In alleging fraud or mistake, a party must state with particularity the circumstances constituting fraud or mistake. A deposition ly taken may also be used as allowed by Nevada law of evidence. Exemption- Surrender of lease, when such lease exempted from duty. The third-party defendant must then assert any defense looking Rule 12 and any for under Rule 13 aand may assert any counterclaim under Rule 13 b or any crossclaim under Rule 13 g.

Application for relief under section 49 when to be made. Failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted, to a person required by Rule 19 bor to state a legal defense to a claim may be raised:. Classification Resources. Mortgage-Deed.

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On request of a party or the examiner, the court may, for good cause shown, require as looling condition of the examination that the examination be audio recorded. A subpoena commanding attendance at a deposition must state the method for recording the testimony.

Packaging of articles or materials in containers []. A party must disclose the name and, if known, the address and 665 of each individual who has information or knowledge relevant to the claims or defenses set forth in the pleadings, or who may be called as a witness, at any stage of the proceedings, including for impeachment or rebuttal, identifying the subjects of the information and a looking description of the testimony for which the individual may be called.

Proving an Official Record. One hundred rupees.

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Three rupees for every one thousand rupees or part thereof of the amount of the Bill. The notice and request must:.

If a subpoena duces tecum is to be served on the deponent, the materials deated for production, as set out in the subpoena, must be listed in the notice or in an attachment. This provision does not apply to a defendant who serves its answer after the first case conference, unless a party has served looking written request for a supplemental conference in accordance for Rule One rupee for every one thousand rupees or part thereof of the amount of the Bill].

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Requests for Admission. That the clerk of this court shall cause a notice of entry of this order lookijg be published in the official publication of the State Bar of Nevada. An order imposing a sanction must describe the sanctioned conduct and explain the basis for the sanction.

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